More effective in wide open spaces rather than at close quarters, the enduring Kalashinov AK47 assault rifle sprays out bullets at a deadly 600 rounds a minute, mowing down all that are unlucky enough to stand in its way. The AK47 assault rifle is a common gun found in both The Getaway and The Getaway: Black Monday. The AK47 is everything you would

expect from a high powered assault rifle. It's very powerful, it has a huge clip size and it fires pretty fast and at a rapid rate. The AK47 is great for ripping a car to shreds before its occupants can escape the vehicle, it is also good for taking down a large group of enemies in a crowded space. The AK47 is a very common weapon in The Getaway and can be even be found in the very first mission. Every gang in The Getaway employs the AK47 assault rifle, meaning it shouldn't be too hard to find one. When Mark drives through the streets of London, he will be randomly attacked by members of a particular gang who will come at him in a two-seater car. The passenger in this car will always be wielding an AK47, and will attempt to perform a drive-by on Mark's car in order to stop him.

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