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The Bargain Basement.

In The Getaway, the Bargain Basement Brothel is operated by the Bethnal Green Mob. It is located at the very North West section of the London game map in Marylebone. Inside the brothel are prostitutes and members of the gang who can be heard having sex with the prostitutes.

The brothel only appears during the mission, The Bargain Basement, where it is raided by undercover police officers Frank Carter and Joe Fielding. SO19 also arrive later to assist. This is the scene where Joe was shot by Jake Jolson and where Jake was arrested by Frank. Eyebrows and Sparky were also seen outside the front of the building but managed to get away. The building was in an extremely poor state as the interior was collapsing. By the end of the mission the brothel is mostly destroyed and wrecked. After the end of the Bethnal Green Mob in 2002, the building was vacated and was declared unsafe by London Council. It was demolished between 2002 and 2004.

The Bargain Basement Brothel in The Getaway: Black Monday.

In The Getaway: Black Monday, we see that the building has now been demolished and that new flats are being constructed on the site. The Free Roaming character, Leo, starts off right near the building when playing as him.

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