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Black Cab is a Special Feature in The Getaway: Black Monday. The player takes the role of a taxi driver and must drive around different parts of London, collecting fares. The player picks up pedestrians and must transport them to their required destination. Each mission has a target of a certain amount of cash that is needed in order to successfully complete the mission. All the missions have a timer of ten minutes. The main objective is to be as quick as possible and to avoid causing damage to the cab or running down pedestrians. If the player does a good job then they will receive a tip. As Black Cab relies heavily on time, the player will not be punished by speeding or by driving against traffic to get to their destination via the shortest route possible. The police are not present in any Black Cab mission, meaning you do not have to worry about breaking the law. There are 4 Black Cab missions and two of them need to be unlocked by finding key rings during the missions.

List of Black Cab missions:[]

Mission Briefing[]


  1. Pick up fares and take them to their desired destination. Complete as many fares you can within the given time.