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Bosses are characters in The Getaway and The Getaway: Black Monday who are harder to kill than the average enemy you encounter. A boss must be defeated in order for the player to pass the mission. Bosses will typically be reasonably hard to kill and are always an important character who has previously been seen in cutscenes and involved in the games storyline in some way.

Some bosses are easier to kill than others, such as Yuri Gorsoy and Sparky, while other bosses can be much harder, such as Harry and Nadya Prushnatova. All bosses have to be killed, or arrested, in order for the player to complete the mission.

The only optional boss the player will encounter is Mitch, based on a player choice made earlier on in the game.

Characters such as: Hector, the Russian YouthJimmer Collins and Zara Beauvais, do not count as bosses as you do not kill them in the game. Hector and the Russian Youth will never shoot at you and only require the player to chase them in order to complete the mission, without the player ever dealing any damage. Jimmer Collins is killed by another unplayable character and Zara is considered a civilian who does not need to be killed and will not even attack the player when you encounter her.

Bosses in The Getaway:[]

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Bosses in The Getaway: Black Monday:[]

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Difficulty and Guide:[]

The Getaway:[]

  • Clive McCormack - Normal - McCoramck can be hard to kill depending on what the player does after seeing him. After obtaining the pistol from the evidence room at Snow Hill, the easiest way of killing McCormack is to discretely follow him without letting him see you. If you engage in a shootout with McCormack by the evidence room, you will have to kill multiple cops which is hard to do. McCormack will then flee to the interview room where Yasmin is waiting. McCormack can only be killed in this room, no matter how many times you shoot at him, he will not die until he arrives at the interview room. If you follow him discretely all the way to the interview room, you will only have to kill McCormack and maybe a few additional cops. Once McCormack is in the interview room he only needs to be shot a few times in order to die, even if he is on full health.
  • Sparky - Easy - Sparky is an easy boss to take care of. The player can even kill Sparky with only one bullet. If you take cover behind the boxes at the start of the mission, Sparky will eventually walk over to where you're standing. You can then grab him as a hostage and execute him with one shot to the head, or alternatively break his neck. Both these moves kill him instantly. If you choose to engage in a shootout with Sparky it is harder to kill him but he is still reasonably easy to kill. You will have to kill a few members of the Bethnal Green Mob as well. Sparky takes a reasonable time to die this way but he is no match for Hammond.
  • Harry Hard - Harry is a hard boss to kill and there is no easy way of getting to him. He hides behind crates within the cargo hold of the Sol Vita. He also uses his signature weapon, the sawn-off shotgun. The good thing about this is that he will be unable to hit you unless you are within close range of him, however, getting close to Harry means he will only need a few shots to take care of you. He will never run out of ammo either. There are several ways to kill Harry. The easiest way of killing him is to manually aim from outside of the cargo hold room he is stood in with a Glock 17 pistol and shoot at Harry in his leg or stomach. The pistol has the range required to hit Harry from this point, and no other gangster will come and attack you while you are shooting at him. Harry will then only take a few hits to die and you don't have to even worry about entering the room and facing the trouble of the falling crate, forklift truck and other gangsters. Another option is to enter the cargo hold he is in and shoot him with either an AK-47 or Glock 17 pistol while taking cover behind the crates. This can be hard to do, as getting too close to him will result in you dying. There is also a crate being operated which can land on Hammond and will crush him to death, killing you instantly. There is also another gangster operating a forklift truck which can run down Hammond. The best way to go about this is to shoot the guy in the forklift first, from outside the room. Dodge the crate by rolling on the floor and then rapidly shoot at Harry who will eventually die. Make sure all of his men in the hold are taken care of first though, as some of them have shotguns and can kill you within close range. The other method of killing Harry is to get up close to him. Once you've cleared the cargo hold room, you can rest and fully regenerate your health under the stairs. Then climb them and shoot Harry at close range. It is best to do this with a shotgun, as he will lose a lot of health. Getting too close to Harry with his sawn-off however is dangerous as it will only take him a couple of shots to kill you, even if you are on full health. As soon as Harry dies the mission is complete, no matter where you're standing and even if some of his men are still alive.
  • Big Walter - Easy - Big Walter is reasonably easy to kill or arrest if the player wishes. At the start of the mission the player will encounter Walt, but he will retreat and leave his men to take care of Frank. The best way of killing Walt is to take out his men first and then deal with him. Usually he will be killed in one of the rooms within UCL Hospital, that he always retreats to. The more damage dealt to Walt the slower he is able to move, making it easy for you to go in for the kill. The best way is to take cover, shoot at Walt rapidly with an AK-47 and then finish him off. Alternatively you can shoot and weaken him and he will leave the room and head for the lobby where other armed officers are waiting. They will then either kill him or arrest him, which means you won't have to take care of him yourself. Arresting him yourself is possible but extremely hard. He must be on very low health, and you need to be behind him in order for the grapple to work. It is therefore recommended that you go for the kill on him rather than the arrest.
  • Jake Jolson - Hard - Jake is quite a hard boss to kill. He has a lot of men protecting him which must be dealt with first in order to get to Jake. He will first encounter Frank as you head up to the inside of the ship and will nearly always deal damage to Frank as there is no place to take cover. You must chase Jake all over the ship in order to kill him. At first he will head to the top of the boat and take cover behind his men. If he is still high on health at this point, he will flee onto a platform that takes him back to the deck of the ship. If Jake has been hit enough prior to this point, then Frank can kill him up here which makes him a little easier to kill than if he's on the deck. Otherwise, Frank must backtrack through the ship and kill more members of the Bethnal. He will then finally encounter Jake on the deck of the ship. The only way of properly getting Jake at this point is to engage in a shootout with him face to face. If Frank is on full health however then Jake is no match for him. Equally, it is best for Frank to use an AK-47 against Jake which will give you the upper hand. Don't get too near to Jake or try and arrest him as you are unable to do so and his shots will become accurate as he will hit you in the head. It is best to keep a good distance and rapidly fire at him.

The Getaway: Black Monday:[]

  • Levi Stratov - Easy - Levi is an easy boss to take care of. He will be seen near the end of the mission with other members of the Thieves in Law. Other members of SO19 will also accompany you in this shootout. After Levi is hit a few times he will retreat to the entrance of the construction site and that is where he will need to be dealt with. The player can either repeatedly shoot at Levi until he dies, or, once Levi is low on health, he will drop his gun and surrender. He can then be arrested or killed depending on what the player decides. There are a few other members of the gang in this area and some are stood out of view to begin with. It is therefore essential that the player shoots these gangsters first and doesn't go in for the kill or arrest on Levi until they are dealt with.
  • Yuri Gorsoy - Easy - Yuri is a very easy boss to defeat and will die in only a few hits. Eddie will engage in a fist fight with Yuri and no other members of the gang or police will be able to interfere, meaning the fight is a 1 on 1 from the very start. Yuri only needs to be punched three times before he falls to the floor, he will then get up another one or two times but can easily be knocked back down without him getting a punch in. To begin with he may get the upper hand with a few quick punches and may even knock Eddie to the floor once. However, once Eddie is back on his feet, Yuri is easily taken care of. Don't waste your time trying to grab Yuri as no matter how low on health he is, he will always push you away and break free. Alternatively, the player can choose to run pass Yuri, head down the stairs, kill a Yardie and grab his gun. You can then shoot Yuri to death rather than having to fight him head on. Yuri will however follow you, so you must kill the gangster quickly before grabbing his gun. But once you have the gun, Yuri will easily be killed after unloading an entire clip. The only problem with this method is that Jackie Philips cannot be saved until Yuri is defeated, so if the player runs down the stairs she will automatically die, meaning the ending will always result in you having to kill Mitch.
  • Nadya Prushnatova - Hard - Nadya is a hard boss to kill and there is no easy way of defeating her. The best way to eliminate her is to first take out all members of the gang. Rather than shooting at her, kill her gang members first and then jump onto the same rooftop that she is standing on. Take cover and grab a powerful weapon such an assault rifle or Uzi. Then unload the clips into her. It will take her a long time to die, and there is no quick way of killing her. The best method seems to be to weaken her with auto aim and then manually aim at her head and shoot her several times. She will then drop her guns and die with the mission being complete. You must get near Nadya and ideally be on the same rooftop as her in order to kill her. But getting too close isn't easy as she wields two Uzi's that never run out of ammo meaning she can deal a lot of damage to Eddie. It's therefore important that Eddie regenerates his health regularly and takes cover while Nadya is shooting at him. Only going out into the open while she is reloading is a good way of staying alive.
  • Alexei - Easy - Alexei is a fairly easy boss to kill depending on what the player does. Only two guns are available in this mission, a shotgun and a MP412 REX. If you pick up the REX, you can put it away and save it for Alexei, meaning you can shoot him multiple times from a distance and kill him without him ever hitting you. Alternatively you could carefully use the shotgun and save its ammo for Alexei rather than his men. A medic kit is available for Eddie to drink just before you head up the stairs and confront Alexei on the deck of Viktor's boat. If you choose to engage in face to face combat with Alexei, then it is best to have a powerful melee weapon, such as a knife or golf club. It is best to defeat his men first and then focus your attention on him. He will only need to be hit a few times with the melee weapon in order to die. Don't waste your time trying to grab him, as no matter how low on health he is, he will always push Eddie away. It is also important for you to get through the lower deck of the boat quickly, as there is a time limit for this mission. Taking too long to kill Alexei and his men will result in the mission failing. Therefore it's important to kill Alexei quickly, but he should only die from a few hits with a melee weapon.
  • Mitch - Normal - Mitch is fairly easy to deal with but he can be a problem depending on other factors affecting the player. When first playing this mission, you will usually be low on health from the mission before, so you can either let yourself die, or kill one of Viktor's men and grab their gun. Take cover and regenerate health and then shoot at Mitch. The problem with first attempting this mission is that Eddie will never have a gun, despite the fact that Sam will give him one in two of the possible endings. Also, because you were previously on a boat with no guns, you won't have one saved over from before. If you die however, you will respawn on full health with a pistol, so it may be best to let yourself die on the first attempt of the mission and then kill Mitch during the second attempt. Either way, make sure you first kill Viktor's men before shooting at Mitch. Run away from Mitch and focus your attention on the gangsters. Once they are all dead, take cover behind the shed and shoot at Mitch repeatedly. He may take some time to die but even if you are armed with a pistol, you shouldn't have a problem killing him before he kills you. You can also grab a shotgun from behind the pump house, which can be used to kill Mitch. It will deal a decent amount of damage if you are within close range of Mitch. Getting too close to Mitch however is dangerous, as he can arrest you or hit you with his gun. Just take cover and rapidly shoot at Mitch and he will die. A cutscene will occur after his death and the game will save, meaning if you die later on in the mission, you won't have to kill Mitch again.
  • Viktor Skobel - Normal - Viktor is a challenging boss to deal with but there are some effective ways of getting him. If Eddie saved Sam earlier on in the game, then you will first encounter Viktor as soon as you enter the pump house. Make sure you focus your attention on his men and shoot at Viktor occassionally. After he has been hit a few times he will retreat to the bottom level of the pump house. Focus your attention on killing Viktor's men, and make sure you stay out of Viktor's way to begin with. Shoot him a few times to weaken him and let him run ahead of you. Once you make it to the stairs, you will be able to deal some proper damage to him. If you didn't help Sam earlier on, you will encounter Viktor at the stairs once you have disabled the gas at the bottom level of the pump house. Viktor will then kill Sam and retreat. Once you get to the top of the stairs, killing Viktor is the same across all of the endings. He will at first run around this room from one side to the other. Again, only shoot him a few times, concentrate on killing his men. Once he has been shot enough times and his men are all dead, he will retreat up a final set of stairs and head onto the top of the metal platform. Go up the stairs which are away from Viktor and take cover next to the metal plates when Viktor fires at you. When he goes to reload, run up near to him and take cover behind the metal plate, opposite the metal plate he is hiding behind. You can then either repeatedly shoot at him from cover here, or, while he is reloading, come out from cover and run over to him while shooting. He will then die fairly easily. Make sure you avoid taking damage from Viktor at this point however, as he will deal a lot of damage to Eddie seen as he is wielding two Uzi's. It is also best to not go up and face Viktor 1 on 1 unless you have two Uzi's like he does, as these weapons are the most powerful and effective way of killing him. Viktor can only be killed up on the metal platform, and once he is on it, he will no longer attempt to retreat from Eddie.