Brabus S-Klasse V12
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In The Getaway, the Brabus S500L is exclusively driven by members of the Yardies. It can be black or white with heavily tinted windows. The speed of this car is excellent, which is very useful when you're trying to lose the cops and the gangs. However, it can be quite annoying in busy roads.

In The Getaway: Black Monday, the Yardies no longer drive the Brabus S500L. You can sometimes find one in richer parts of London, such as the City of London or Mayfair. Viktor Skobel, the leader of the Thieves in Law, and his right-hand man Alexei also have a personal Brabus S500L. Viktors is purple, Alexei's is blue and the one's on the road are Blue, Black or Silver.

In the twentieth mission Paying Favours, Sam Thompson even enters Alexei's one.

This car is fast and handy for gang or police chases. This is the 1998-2005 version. It looks better in the getaway Black Monday.

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