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Chase is a Special Feature in The Getaway: Black Monday. The player takes the role of Ben Mitchell, who is accompanied by Munroe. The objective is stop a getaway driver from escaping the police. In each mission, Mitch will be driving a police car and must stop a getaway vehicle. The player can only stop them by ramming them off the road. The player cannot shoot a gun at the getaway vehicle, nor can the player exit their vehicle. If the getaway driver escapes then the mission is failed. The player must also stop the vehicle before a certain amount of time has passed. The objective is to stop the getaway vehicle as quickly as possible. No other police cars are present in any Chase mission. Crashing your car into other traffic or running down pedestrians has no penalty. There are four Chase missions and two of them need to be unlocked by finding key rings during the missions.

List of Chase missions:[]

Mission Briefing[]


  1. Chase and ram the target vehicle into submission. Mission is won when the target vehicle is in flames or overturned.