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Credits are present in both The Getaway and The Getaway: Black Monday. They are there to show and list all the cast and crew involved in the production. They are typically shown at the end of a production.

The Getaway[]

In The Getaway, the credits for the game are shown and unlocked after having completed the twelfth mission in the game, Aboard the Sol Vita, and concluding Mark Hammond's story. This is unusual for a video game, as usually the credits will be shown once the game is fully completed. The credits show a series of pictures of the lead members of the cast posing in different shots. The characters shown are seen in the following order: Ricky Hards as Charlie Jolson, Don Kembry as Mark Hammond, Joe Rice as Frank Carter, Anna Edwards as Yasmin, Michael Preston as Harry and Dave Golds as Jake Jolson. Three pictures of each character are shown before jumping to the next character, with each picture lasting about four seconds. After this sequence which lasts for about one minute ten seconds, the credits begin to scroll down listing all members of the crew. The total length of the credits is about five minutes forty five seconds. The song playing during the credits is Oslo Morning by Shawn Lee.

The credits can only be viewed by going to the main menu and selecting Special Features. They are then available as an option along with Free Roaming and can be viewed as many times as wished. You can also back out of the credits at any time by pressing triangle. They are not able to be viewed and selected until the mission, Aboard the Sol Vita, has been successfully completed. Strangely, they are not shown after any story mission, the only way of seeing them is through the Special Features mode.

The Getaway: Black Monday[]

In The Getaway: Black Monday, the credits are shown after the final mission of the game, The Fall of an Icon, has been successfully completed. It doesn't matter what option the player has picked from earlier on in the game, the mission only needs to be completed once with any ending for the credits to be seen. Each time the final mission is completed, the credits still play straight after and can be viewed as many times as wished. They can be skipped by pressing R3, as is the case with any cutscene in the game. Unlike The Getaway, they cannot be seen through Special Features, only after completing the last mission are they shown. They last for a total length of four minutes. The song playing during the credits is Flash Forward (End Theme Remix) by Amon Tobin.


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