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Finding Miss Philips
Finding miss philips.jpg
Game: The Getaway: Black Monday
Character: Ben Mitchell
Given by: Munroe
Location: Construction Site
Rewards: None
Difficulty: Normal
Mission: 4
Unlocked by: Unlocks:
The Latvian Cowboy Hot Property
"We know she's in there, right? Then I have no choice."
Ben Mitchell

Finding Miss Philips is the fourth mission in The Getaway: Black Monday. It is given to protagonist Ben Mitchell by Munroe.


Following the Latvian Cowboy is easy -- simply slow down when both blinkers are on and stay close enough to see the car. Do not turn on the siren (L3) or you will fail the mission. Follow the car without caring how far and you will hit the surveillance van soon enough. After a brief cut-scene, Mitch is given the assignment to rescue the hostage. Some empty rooms offer some color into the next character you play, but little else.

Enter the building and ignore all the rooms until reaching the top floor -- with all three of your buddies, storm the floor and start taking out enemies. Don't worry about the hostage -- you rescue her in a cut-scene. Carefully explore each hallway and staircase; as you near the hostage, she will start shouting. Make your way to the end of the hall, take out the enemies. A short cutscene with Jackie Philips will ensue.

With Jackie in tow, your main concern is to keep enemies from firing on her. You can either kill the enemy or simply run to the next area. Press Triangle to hop the gaps in the floor and instead of going downstairs, head into a previously blocked off area (there were boxes here before). Jackie will run to the lift past the boxes. Follow her and descend to the next floor. Just outside the lift, a mass of enemies will be waiting. Clear them out by leaning carefully out and using manual aiming. Take Jackie to the door where you first entered the building and you'll have rescued her. The Latvian Cowboy will be near the exit, trading shots with the police; kill him to complete the mission.

Mission Briefing[]


  1. Follow Levi's car without being spotted and don't lose him.
  2. Enter the derelict building and find Jackie.
  3. Get Jackie out alive.



Successfully completing this mission unlocks the fifth mission in the game, Hot Property.


  • At the end of the mission, Levi won't try to escape anymore, but be careful. Most of the time, he will be surrounded by such a large number of SO19 that he will get arrested. So, if you intend to kill him, you'd better hurry before SO19 can do anything to him.