The Gang War of 2002 was a gang war in London between the Bethnal Green Mob, the Collins Gang, the Yardies and the Triads. The war was declared and planned by Charlie Jolson, who stirred up the carnage by mainly using Mark Hammond to attack each gang simultaneously. Other key participants of the war were Jake Jolson and Frank Carter. The main war only lasted for a single day in 2002 but would have long lasting consequences for all involved.


Before the War

Charlie Jolson and the Bethnal Green Mob were the longest running gang operating in London. In the olden days, Charlie had run the city with gangsters like Ronnie and Reggie Kray. After their imprisonment, Charlie took over with his gang and the London he ran was one he desired to keep. Problems began arising for Charlie in the 1990's due to the arrival of other gangs within the city. Three other gangs emerged around this time period. Gangsters from Jamaica emigrated to the city along with Chinese gangsters. The Triads and the Yardies were then formed, with each gang occupying it's own turf within central London. Nick Collins, a younger and more modern gangster than Charlie, formed his gang around this time also, and started taking over Soho by getting involved in prostitution. This angered Charlie Jolson, as he felt he was no longer in command and the city was slowly falling apart from what he once remembered it. History had passed Charlie by and his London was one he no longer recognised. This instigated him to turn back the clock so it would be like the good old days.

Preparation for the War

All four gangs had never really got on, but they stayed out of each others way. Most were even unaware that Charlie was still in business as some believed he had retired from the gangster life altogether. In 2002, Charlie decided that it was time to wipe out each gang from the city, so he came up with a scheme to bring an end to them all. Wanting to avoid his own gang getting involved, Charlie decided to use Mark Hammond, an ex member of the Collins gang. Charlie knew Mark was a well trained gangster and decided to use him to stir up trouble. Mark was released from prison for an armed robbery in 2002. Two months after his release, Charlie instigated his plan. In order to get Mark to work for him, Charlie decided to kidnap his wife and son, so he could blackmail Mark into doing jobs for him. Charlie ordered the kidnapping of his wife, Suzie Hammond and his son Alex Hammond. He sent some of his heavies to carry out the job. It didn't go so well however and Suzie ended up getting killed in the attempted kidnapping. Alex however was taken away but Mark followed them to Charlie's warehouse. Mark however was ambushed at the warehouse and Charlie began to put his plan into place.

Charlie had arranged certain jobs that he wanted Mark to carry out in order to make his plan work. His plan was to use Mark to weaken each gang, cause carnage between the three other gangs and then hand Mark over to them on a boat he owned. Earning each gangs respect and trust by capturing the man responsible for causing them so many problems, Charlie would then lure them onto the boat in which he would plant a bomb. With each gang leader present, Charlie would flee the ship and blow them all up, eliminating his enemies from London once and for all and regaining complete control of the city.

Beginning of the War

Upon Mark's capture, Charlie kept his plan secret from him. All he told Mark was that he was going to do what he told him to do or else he would kill his son. Mark asked him why he was doing this but was not given a straight answer. First of all, Charlie had Mark hit his old gang, the Collins gang. Charlie ordered Mark to burn down Collins restaurant, The Republic. Mark carried out the order and killed a number of his old colleagues before burning the bar to the ground. Enraged at the attack, more gangsters arrived on scene, only to be gunned down or arrest by responding police led by Frank Carter. Collins was furious and vowed to kill Mark for the attack.

Charlie then had Mark attack the Triads by stealing an expensive statue that he wished to possess. This particular attack was important for Charlie. He knew the Triads would recognise Mark as a Collins gangster and thus they would blame the Collins gang for the attack and think they were responsible. This would cause the Triads to retaliate against the Collins gang and stir up hatred. Mark was confused why Charlie wanted to start a war with the Triads, unaware that the Triads would in fact blame the Collins gang and himself only for the attack.

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