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Hot Property
Hot property.jpg
Game: The Getaway: Black Monday
Character: Ben Mitchell
Given by: Munroe
Location: Streets of London
Rewards: None
Difficulty: Normal
Mission: 5
Unlocked by: Unlocks:
Finding Miss Philips Under Ground Activity
"I'm sure you're very good at your job but I warn you, a few cop cars won't put these people off, you know."
Jackie Philips

Hot Property is the fifth mission in The Getaway: Black Monday. It is given to protagonist Ben Mitchell by Munroe.


An ambush will spirit Jackie away after the next cut-scene. Get out of the car by pressing Triangle (note this key press buffers during the cut-scene, so press it once when the scene is running or when you have control over Mitch). First off, you need to run. There is no way to survive all that gunfire and survive, so run down the alley and keep an eye out for an open doorway on the right facade. Enter the building, go up the stairs, and use R1 to down the enemies. Run across the walkway (above right) and follow it to a free sports car. Use it to chase Jackie's kidnappers.

The sports car is best used to ram the left side of the first car blocking the alleyway; make a left at the second blocking car and you should be able to see the kidnappers' van. From here on out, you can use Mitch's SMG while driving to gun down the driver (press L1 while driving). Shoot the passenger and the driver until the black van is stopped. Alternately, ram it into a wall and then do an "American drive-by" on the driver. Jackie will get out of the van when it is stopped. Simply stop your car by her and hoonk the horn to get her attention. Sometimes, you need to get out of the car, touch her using Mitch, then run back into any car to get her to follow. Once you have Jackie in a car, race to the safe house marked on the city map and you complete the mission. The gangs that harass you while escaping can be evaded braking (to cause them to overshoot), or ramming them off the road.

Mission Briefing[]


  1. Chase the ambushers and get Jackie back.
  2. Get Jackie to the safe house - alive!


Successfully completing this mission unlocks the sixth mission in the game, Under Ground Activity.


  • When you're chasing the van, wait for it to take Upper Woburn Place before ramming it out of the road. Now, look for an opening on the right, a bit further down the road. This is the beginning of a few alleys that lead straight to the safehouse. This way, you will avoid almost every Russian and you won't have to deal with them on the main roads.