The entrance to the Hotel Mitch uses.

The Hotel is an interior featured briefly in The Getaway: Black Monday. It only appears in the mission, Desperate Measures. After Ben Mitchell and Munroe get a phone call from Jackie Philips telling them that she thinks the Russians are coming for her, Mitch and Munroe head over to the Safe House to save her. However, when they arrive, they discover that Jackie is already gone. Munroe is then shot by a Russian Youth, and Mitch chases after him across some rooftops. A following explosion goes off when Mitch exits the room Munroe is shot in, which kills Munroe. Mitch takes out members of the gang in his pursuit of the youth, who eventually makes it back to the street via some stairs and gets into a getaway car. Mitch chases after him and they drive to a nearby hotel. The youth flees into the hotel and Mitch chases after him up some stairs. Evans tells Mitch over the radio that he's at the hotel now and pleads with Mitch not do anything stupid. Mitch then confronts the youth along a narrow and long hallway in the hotel, with a dead end. The youth stares at the hotel wall, turns around slowly and points his pistol to his chin. Mitch aims his gun at the youth but before he can do anything, the youth commits suicide and shoots himself in the head. Suddenly, Evans appears behind him. Mitch asks about Munroe, to which Evans confirms the sad news that Munroe is dead. Mitch gets enraged and hits a wall in the hotel with his fist before pointing his own gun at Evans. Evans tells Mitch to calm down and pull it together. The two of them then leave and return to the station because Jackie left behind a note telling the police who the leader of the gang was.

Mission AppearencesEdit


  • You can actually enter the hotel in Free Roaming mode. You cannot see the dead body of the Russian youth inside but you can see a blood stain on the end wall where he commits suicide.
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