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The Icon.

The Icon is an item featured in The Getaway: Black Monday. It plays a central part in the story.

The icon is an expensive religious item owned by Viktor Skobel. It is only revealed in the finale of the game to contain very expensive diamonds within it, thus being the reason for Viktor wanting it back so badly.

The icon was kept at the Skobel bank in the centre of London. It was kept in a locked safe on the top floor. Danny's crew stole the icon however and broke into the safe. John then ran off with the icon and kept it stored in the cellar of his snooker hall. Viktor's men came looking for it however and tracked John down. After killing him, they learned it was in the basement but only once Eddie O'Connor showed up to collect it also. Eddie killed the men and found the icon in the cellar. He then kept it hidden for safe keeping. Viktor meanwhile was desperate for the icon to be back in his possession. He sent his men all over the city and eventually discovered Eddie had it. After Eddie confronted Viktor, Viktor had the icon retrieved from Eddie and returned it to his possession. Thanks to the police showing up, Eddie broke free and chased after Viktor for murdering his best friend Danny West. Viktor kept the icon on him for the remainder of the stories events.

In the finale, Viktor was killed at the pump house by Eddie. As he died, the icon fell away from Viktor and smashed against the floor, cracking open and releasing the hidden diamonds from within it. After his death, Eddie looked down at the icon and realised it had been the main reason for all the bad events that had occurred. The icon was ultimately left in the pump house and regardless of how the game ends, the police would surely collect it as evidence.

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