Jerome and Tyler are characters in The Getaway series who act as minor antagonists in The Getaway.

Jerome and Tyler are members of the Yardies that work for Jamahl. The two of them kept guard of Jamahl's depot at St. Saviour's Dock.

The character of Tyler in The Getaway is not the same character that appears in The Getaway: Black Monday, who is also called Tyler.


In Mission 14, Show some Remorse, Frank Carter attacked the depot at St. Saviour's Dock that belonged to the Yardies. They were using the depot for crack storage which Frank had learned through Jake Jolson. Frank arrived at the depot to stop the gangsters and killed many of the gangsters on guard duty. Jerome and Tyler were two members of the Yardies that were ordered to keep guard of this depot. After the mission was over and all of the Yardies on duty their had either been killed or arrested, Jerome and Tyler were captured by Frank. The two of them were sitting in a van which Frank stopped from escaping by pointing his gun at them from outside. They were then forced into the back of a police van by SO19 which Frank watched before attending to another call. The two of them spoke to each other in Jamaican and agreed that it was probably because of the Triads that the depot had been found by the police as they ran the shipping warehouses. This suspicion would then cause a gang war shortly afterwards in Chinatown between the Yardies and Triads. The police told them to shut up and they were then taken away to prison, presumably Snow Hill Police Station.

Mission AppearancesEdit


  • In the mission, Show some Remorse, the mission is completed when Frank approaches the van Jerome and Tyler are in, in order to arrest them.
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