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Johnny Chai is a character in The Getaway series who acts as a minor character in The Getaway.

Johnny was a heavy for the Triads, along with Fu Shan Chu and Kum Dong, for Shan Chu Lee. He was severely tortured and beaten by Bethnal Green Mob members Sparky and Jake Jolson. Johnny died of his torture wounds from Sparky and Jake and he was driven back to Chinatown by Mark Hammond, who dumped his dead body outside the Siu Fung Restaurant.

Early Life Edit

Not much is known about Johnny Chai's early life. It is believed that he was born in the late 1970's in Hong Kong and that he joined the Triads at a young age.

2002 Edit

In 2002, Johnny Chai was a member of the London branch of the 14K Triads. At some point, he was captured by the Bethnal Green Mob and they were going to hold him for ransom. When the Triads refused to pay, Sparky decided to torture the young triad. He knocked him out and then tied him to the ceiling, at Charlie's warehouse in Southwark. Then Sparky started to electrocute Johnny using an electric wire. Sparky had fun doing this, until his friend Jake came in, having just been broken out of a prison escort by Mark Hammond and Eyebrows. Jake took over from Sparky and started beating Johnny while shouting racist insults at him.


After a while, Johnny stopped making any noise because he had died from the torture and beating from Jake. Since they needed to get rid of the body, Jake ordered Grievous to put Johnny's dead body in a car and he then made Mark Hammond drive Johnny over to Chinatown. Mark arrived outside the Siu Fung Restaurant in Chinatown, then pushed his dead body out of the car and drove off. The Triads found Johnny and were enraged with Mark. They immediately gave chase in order to avenge Johnny's death.

Legacy Edit

Johnny was apparently a popular member of the Triads, because they reacted angrily when Mark dumped Johnny's corpse in Chinatown.

Mission AppearancesEdit

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