Layla is a character in The Getaway series who acts as a minor character in The Getaway.

Layla was a stripper and dancer that worked at The Toucher bar in Soho.

Early LifeEdit

Layla used to work with Yasmin back in the day when they were both strippers. She was also one Charlie Jolson's girls, whom Charlie had a liking for. In order to get money however, she started working for Nick Collins in Soho at his new bar, much to Charlie Jolson's anger.


During the events in London in which Mark Hammond was blackmailed into working for Charlie Jolson, one of Mark's final tasks was to find Layla. Harry instructs Mark over the phone to go to the bar that Layla works at and for Mark to bring her to Charlie. Mark and Yasmin decide to go and get her as a way of getting inside Charlie's mansion. When they arrive at the bar a shootout takes place between the duo and members of the Collins gang. Mark makes his way through the club and him and Yasmin kill all the gangsters working inside.


After the shootout is over and all members of the Collins gang have been killed, Yasmin spots Layla lying on the floor dead. Unfortunately for them, Layla was killed in the crossfire and was shot dead accidently by either Mark, Yasmin or a member of the Collins gang. She was dressed in a Cowgirl outfit when she died. Yasmin then comes up with a plan to trick Charlie by posing as Layla. To do so, Mark and Yasmin take off all of Layla's clothes and Yasmin then dresses in them.

Mission AppearancesEdit


  • Layla has no dialogue in the game.
  • Layla used to work with Yasmin before Yasmin became a hitter.
  • Although Layla did not speak in the game, Yasmin impersonates her while speaking to Charlie. This gives a possible indication as to what Layla sounded like.
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