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Leo is a character in The Getaway series who acts as a minor character in The Getaway: Black Monday.

He is a male porn star who works for Hector at Hector's Place along Peter Street in Soho. He is a playable character in Free Roaming mode, and is unlocked after the player has collected a total of 23 key rings.


He is mainly seen in Mission 16, This Geezer, Hector, when Eddie O'Connor goes to visit Hector to find out the whereabouts of Hector's boss, Jimmer Collins. Leo is based at Hector's Place in the centre of Soho, down Peter Street. At Hector's Place, he participates in the "Blue movies" (pornography) that they make there, which is used to make money for the Collins crew. Leo is one of the male porn stars of the movies. This business however is trashed when Eddie comes looking for Hector. In Eddie's pursuit to stop Hector, members of the Collins crew at Hector's Place attempt to stop him and a shootout erupts which results in many deaths. After confronting Hector, Eddie then leaves the area. Before he leaves however, he has the option to kill Leo, if he hasn't been killed prior to Eddie confronting Hector. Killing Leo or not killing him will not effect the games' storyline in any way. In the following mission, Jimmer Collins, you can return to Hector's Place and find Leo or his dead body depending on what choice was made. Madame Celina, a female colleague of Leo's, can be found inside Hector's Place as well and can also be killed by Eddie.

Both Leo and Madame Celina can be playable in Free Roaming mode. Leo is unlocked after the player has collected 23 key rings.

Mission Apperances[]


  • Leo is a playable character in the Special Feature, Free Roaming. He is unlocked once a total of 23 key rings have been collected during the missions.
  • In Free Roaming, Leo starts off on a bicycle in Marylebone, near to where Charlie Jolson's, Bargain Basement Brothel was located in the first game. It is interestingly now under construction.
  • When playing as Leo in Free Roaming, he starts off with no weapons. It is possible to collect and use weapons with him however, by knocking out police officer's and then taking their guns.
  • He has much lower health than any other character in Free Roaming. After a few shots he will die, unlike other Free Roaming characters who can take much more damage.