The Getaway Wiki

List of Missions in The Getaway:[]

Mark Hammond:[]

1. The Frightener
2. Burning Bridges
3. Art Appreciation
4. Aiding and Abetting
5. Taxi for Mr Chai?
6. Out of the Frying Pan
7. Filthy Business
8. A Touch of Class
9. The Cowgirl and the Cash
10. A Cat in a Bag
11. The Prodigal Son
12. Aboard the Sol Vita

Frank Carter:[]

13. The Bargain Basement
14. Show some Remorse
15. Disturbance in Soho
16. Painting the Town Red
17. Escort Duty
18. The Vigilante
19. Stalking McCormack
20. Do the World a Favour
21. The Jolson Files
22. Meet Mark Hammond
23. Showdown with Jake
24. Land of Hope and Glory

List of Missions in The Getaway: Black Monday:[]

Ben Mitchell:[]

1. Tuesday
2. Shoreditch Boys
3. The Latvian Cowboy
4. Finding Miss Philips
5. Hot Property
6. Under Ground Activity
7. The Jamaican
8. Desperate Measures

Eddie O'Connor:[]

9. Monday
10. The Rescue
11. Cons and Icons

Sam Thompson:[]

12. The Wake of the Shoreditch Massacre

Eddie O'Connor/Sam Thompson:[]

Note: You can play as either character during these two mission's based on the decision made by Eddie in Mission 13, Return to the Scene of the Crime.

13. Return to the Scene of the Crime
14. Trespass

Sam Thompson:[]

15. Codes of Honour

Eddie O'Connor:[]

16. This Geezer, Hector
17. Jimmer Collins
18. Your Man with the Tattoo
19. The Vor

Sam Thompson:[]

20. Paying Favours

Eddie O'Connor:[]

21. Beginning of the End
22. The Fall of an Icon