From Russia with love! The MP412 REX is one of the most up-to-date revolvers to come out of Russia and with a .357 magnum chamber and a capacity of six rounds, it is normally used in close quarters combat. This is the second most powerful handgun in The Getaway: Black Monday. It is a pretty rare gun to find but when found and used it does a great deal of damage. Members of the Thieves in Law use this weapon and it can do a good amount of damage at both close and long range. The MP412 REX is a Russian double action .357 magnum revolver with a break-open frame and an automatic ejector. It was designed for export (REX, Revolver for EXport), but never put into full production due to lack of a market. The weapon was designed by IZHMECH, the state-owned Russian Izhevsk Mechanical Works which also designed and produced the Makarov PM semiautomatic pistol. Though designed for civilian use it never got put into production.
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