This is perhaps the best weapon in The Getaway. It's fast, very accurate, and extremely powerful. It is also dual wieldable, meaning that you can pick up another MP5 for dual MP5's, which can literally cut down a group of cops or gang members in a matter of seconds. The MP5 also has a

big clip size, which consists of 32 rounds. While the MP5 only has the power of the Glock 17, it still has the fastest rate of fire of any of the weapons in The Getaway.

The MP5 is best gun for dealing with groups of enemies that are heavily armed, such as gang members with AK-47 Assault Rifles or SO19 officers, who are also armed with MP5's. The problem with this gun is that it is pretty rare to find, especially when playing as Mark Hammond. The gun does not actually appear until Filthy Business, and even after this mission it cannot be found again while playing as Mark. However, once you start playing as Frank Carter, you can get them from SO19 officers who help Carter on some of his missions. You can actually get a hold of this gun in Carter's first mission through to his fourth mission, but after that it cannot be found again.

In The Getaway: Black Monday, the MP5 is Mitch's weapon of choice alongside the Glock 17. Eddie can obtain the MP5 from dead SO19 officers or from the glove box of police cars, as well as from Mitch himself during the final mission if he failed to save Jackie Philips in the mission Your Man with the Tattoo. The MP5 can be fitted with a silencer found in select missions or from an in-game cheat code, although it serves very little in the way of stealth purposes.

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