Madame Celina is a minor character in The Getaway: Black Monday. She is only seen in Mission 16, when Eddie goes to visit Hector to find out the whereabouts of Hector's boss, Jimmer Collins. She is based in a warehouse in the centre of Soho down Peters Street and in this warehouse they make "Blue movies", i.e. porn. Madame Celina is one of the porn stars of the movie. This business however is trashed when Eddie comes looking for Hector. Eddie then leaves the warehouse, but he has the option to kill Madame Celina before he does. Killing Madame Celina or not killing her will not effect the games' storyline in any way. Leo can be found inside this warehouse as well. Both Madame Celina and Leo can be playable in the Free Roaming mode after the player has collected a certain amount of keys.

Mission Appearances


  • Madame Celina is a playable character in the special feature, Free Roaming.
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