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<gallery type="slider">
<gallery type="slider">
markslider.jpg|The Fugitive|link=Category:Protagonists|linktext=The Protagonists
markslider.jpg|The Protagonists|link=Category:Protagonists|linktext=The characters you play as, from both games.
frankslider.jpg|The Vigilante|link=DC Frank Carter|linktext=Frank Carter
games_button.jpg|The Getaway Series|link=List of Games|linktext=Details on all the games.
eddieslider.jpg|The Boxer|link=Eddie O'Connor|linktext=Eddie O'Connor
the_frightener.jpg|The Missions|link=List of Missions|linktext=Detailed Guides and Walkthroughs for both games.
charlieslider.jpg|The Criminal Mastermind|link=Charlie Jolson|linktext=Charlie Jolson
bosses.jpg|The Bosses|link=Category:Bosses|linktext=Detailed information on how to defeat the hardest bosses.

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The Getaway - Live Action Trailer



All the events leading up to the games and the events that occur during them.


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