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Outside the apartment.

Inside the apartment.

Mark's Apartment (also known as the Hammond Residence) is where Mark Hammond, Suzie Hammond and Alex Hammond lived together in The Getaway.

Events of The Getaway[]

The apartment is only seen in the beginning cutscene of the game, during the mission, The Frightener. Suzie and Alex leave the apartment in the morning to head to school while Mark sleeps on his bed. The kidnapping of Alex takes place just outside the apartment, waking Mark up. Mark then jumps out of bed, rushes out of his apartment and heads outside to the street to find the dead body of Suzie. The apartment is inside a block of flats which are located just on the outskirts of Soho. The apartment is not seen in the game again after this mission.

The Getaway: Black Monday[]

In The Getaway: Black Monday a company called Loft Luxury Apartments is advertising Mark's apartment for sale. This makes sense given that if Mark did survive the events of The Getaway, then he would have left London for good.

Mark's apartment in The Getaway: Black Monday.

Mission Appearances[]


  • Bizarrely, Mark sleeps on his bed in his suit. This does save him time however, when he heads down to the street to find the dead body of Suzie.