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"Fuck you! Are you ready to die?"
―Nadya Prushnatova

Nadya Prushnatova is a character in The Getaway series who acts as a tertiary antagonist in The Getaway: Black Monday.

Nadya is a high ranking member of the Thieves in Law. She is the only female member of the gang who engages in combat. Nadya was in the military for an indefinite amount of time before she quit and started working for Viktor Skobel as a mercenary.

Early Life[]

Nadya Prushnatova was born in December 1974 in Russia. She joined the military at a young age, at which point she developed an aggressive and violent behaviour. After serving in the military for an indefinite amount of time, Nadya quit and started working, as Finch puts it, as a security guard. She later dropped the guard get-up before eventually meeting Viktor Skobel and becoming a part of the Thieves in Law, serving as a high-level mercenary and torturer between the ranks. She moved over to London in early 2004.


"Nadya Prushnatova. The heavies here are scared shitless of her. Intelligence reckons that she's the tactics beyond the force. Ex-military bird, turned security, turned trainer."
Finch's profile on Nadya

Nadya is first seen in the mission Finding Miss Philips, when Levi Stratov unintentionally leads Mitch and Harvey to a construction site owned by the gang. Inside the building in the third floor, Nadya tortures journalist Jackie Philips, hellbent on finding out what she knows about the gang. When the police move in to rescue Jackie, Nadya escapes through the basement using a secret exit leading to the sewers, presumably the same that a boxer and a computer hacker used to escape early on (chronologically). She later attends a meeting with Viktor, Alexei and Yuri at Viktor's mansion. This is seen in the mission Under Ground Activity, during the opening cutscene.

After this, Nadya appears much later in the mission Your Man with the Tattoo, when Eddie follows Yuri to a factory where an arms deal is taking place between Viktor and Jamahl, the head of the Yardies. Eddie tries to kill Viktor, but Nadya manages to shoot the gun out of Eddie's hand. Viktor orders Yuri to kill Eddie, but Mitch and his team arrive to stop the deal. Nadya and Viktor flee the factory and make an escape in the truck parked outside. Nadya drives and Viktor tries to stop Eddie by shooting at him. Eddie chases after them and they drive back to Viktor's mansion. Eddie shoots his way through the mansion and kills many members of the gang.


Eddie eventually confronts Nadya on the rooftops of Viktor's mansion. Nadya insults Eddie while shooting two Uzis at him, but Eddie eventually gains the upper hand after a brutal shootout. Defeated, Nadya falls back through a skylight before crashing down into an empty room below, killing her. Eddie then chases after Viktor to finish the gang off. This happens in the mission The Vor.


Ruthless, violently aggressive and vitrolic, Nadya's value as a Thief in Law as their combat/firearms expert/security trainer is heralded by her military experience, earning her a place in Viktor Skobel's table as his wing in the criminal underworld when he does arms dealing. Much like Yuri, she's quiet and speaks few lines (in contrast to Yuri not even speaking a single word), and is extremely loyal to Skobel. Nadya does seem to have a fair hand in interrogation, but does not perform a great job compared to her sadistic colleague, Alexei. It is noted by Finch that she is the "tactics beyond the force" implying that she's good with tactics, though her tactical prowess is rivalled by her violent attitude.

Mission Appearances[]


  • In Nadya's death scene, in a continuity error, her Uzis are replaced by dual Desert Eagles as she falls through the skylight.