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Oi, Ladies!
The start of the race.
Character: Sam Thompson
Key Rings Needed: 1
Time to Beat: 02:03:51
Location: River Thames
Race: 3
Previous Race: Next Race:
8 Litre Riverside

Oi, Ladies! is the third race in The Getaway: Black Monday. The player takes control of Sam Thompson. In order to unlock this race the player must have collected 1 key ring. The time to beat is 02:03:51.

All the other racers in this race are female characters as suggested by the race title. The title of the race relates to a quote used by Munroe in the first mission of the game, Tuesday. He uses the phrase to interrupt an argument between Paul Evans and Jack Harvey.

Mission Briefing[]


  1. Beat the other race cars to the finish line. Discover alternate race paths for short cuts.