Oi, Ladies!
The start of the race.
Character: Sam Thompson
Key Rings Needed: 1
Time to Beat: 02:03:51
Location: River Thames
Race: 3
Previous Race: Next Race:
8 Litre Riverside
Oi, Ladies! is the third race in The Getaway: Black Monday. The player takes control of Sam Thompson. In order to unlock this race the player must have collected 1 key ring. The time to beat is 02:03:51.

All the other racers in this race are female characters as suggested by the race title. The title of the race relates to a quote used by Munroe in the first mission of the game, Tuesday. He uses the phrase to interrupt an argument between Paul Evans and Jack Harvey.

Mission BriefingEdit


  1. Beat the other race cars to the finish line. Discover alternate race paths for short cuts.
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