"What about all that screaming? I thought you were suspended."
The Policewoman is a character in The Getaway series who acts as a minor character in The Getaway.

She is a female police officer serving at Snow Hill Police Station.


She appears throughout Frank Carter's story. Her first appearance is after the gang war in Chinatown between the Triads and Yardies. After the gang war is over, she heads into the underground NCP Car Park to arrest some of the gangsters. As Frank is collecting evidence, she compliments Frank for his style and notes he isn't getting slow in his old age. Frank thanks her for the compliment and informs her he tries to stay in shape. Later, she appears after Frank is suspended by Clive McCormack for failing to do anything during the breakout of Jake Jolson. She comes to him concerned. She is worried because she has not heard anything from the two new rookies, Harris and Ryan. The two of them were casing a crackhouse owned by the Yardies. She asks Frank what they should do and he tells her he will go after them. She is concerned because she heard the argument between Frank and McCormack. Even though Frank is suspended and risks being arrested, he goes anyway and says McCormack can arrest him later.


It is possible she was killed by Mark Hammond or Yasmin during the Snow Hill Massacre. This is carried out by Mark and Yasmin after Mark is ordered by Charlie Jolson to kill McCormack at Snow Hill. During Mark and Yasmin's getaway, a number of police officers try to stop them. Seen as chronologically, the last time the policewoman is seen occurs before the massacre, it is possible she is killed during the shooting, seen as she was at Snow Hill moments before it takes place. It remains unknown though.

Mission ApperancesEdit

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