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Outside of the Printing Works.

The Printing Works is located just west of Shoreditch and is owned by Jimmer Collins and the Collins gang. The Printing Works is first mentioned by Hector in Mission 16, This Geezer, Hector. Eddie O'Connor is looking for Jimmer Collins who at the time believes was responsible for the murder of Danny West. Eddie knew about Hector from Danny West but was unsure of Jimmer's exact whereabouts. Hector knew Jimmer was at the Printing Works and was printing credit cards. According to one of the girls' at Hector's place, it was originally Nick Collins idea and he had personally taken her there. She then gave the location of where it was to Eddie. Eddie arrived at the print works in Mission 17, Jimmer Collins, and discovered that the Thieves in Law were already there and were looking for Jimmer. Eddie snuck inside killing members of both gangs and eventually made his way to a back room where he saw Jimmer being confronted by Alexei and Yuri. After the two men tortured Jimmer for information about the stolen icon, they found out that Eddie was the one who had it. Eddie also learnt that the man they worked for, Viktor Skobel, had personally shot Danny back at his gymnasium. After the interrogation, Yuri killed Jimmer and the two of them left. Eddie then followed Yuri and left the print works at the start of the following mission, Your Man with the Tattoo.

Mission Appearences[]


  • In Free Roaming mode, this is one of the few locations that you can actually visit. You can drive to the scene and walk around inside. Jimmer Collins dead body can still be found in the room he's killed in.