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A protagonist is the main character of a story, and the main playable characters in The Getaway series.


Traditionally, a protagonist is the main figure of a piece of literature or drama and has the main part or role. Alternatively, the phrase denotes a primary advocate or proponent for a cause or movement. The main character can be a hero or a villain in a story - it is just the character with the lead role. In literature, the protagonist is characterized by his/her ability to change or evolve.

It should be pointed out that the protagonist is not always the hero of the story, as implied in The Getaway games, where they are sometimes called as anti-hero. They may commit crimes of some sort, but he/she is still considered the lead character, and is known to help out his/her friends, allies or close associates.


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The opposite of a protagonist is an antagonist, which is the main enemy of the protagonist and works against the protagonist and his actions. Again, this can be a villain or a hero, though usually a villain. They are usually seen, heard, or mentioned throughout the game, moving against the protagonists' plans or goals, while the protagonist continues his quest for vengeance. They are finally confronted in some big event by the protagonist at the end of the game and will be killed thus completing his problems and wraps up the main storyline mission.


In literature, the deuteragonist is the second most important character, after the protagonist. The deuteragonist may switch from being with or against the protagonist depending on the deuteragonist's own conflict/plot. They are usually secondary non playable characters that are heard or mentioned throughout the game, such as Yasmin.

Protagonists in The Getaway[]

In The Getaway series, the protagonists are simply the characters you control and play as during the storyline. In both The Getaway and The Getaway: Black Monday there is a main protagonist and secondary protagonists.

The main protagonist in The Getaway is Mark Hammond and the secondary protagonist is Frank Carter.

The main protagonist in The Getaway: Black Monday is Eddie O'Connor and the secondary protagonists are Ben Mitchell and Sam Thompson.

Game Main Protagonist Number of Missions played as Number of Mission Appearences
The Getaway Mark Hammond 12 16
The Getaway: Black Monday Eddie O'Connor 11 14
Game Secondary Protagonist Number of Missions played as Number of Mission Appearences
The Getaway Frank Carter 12 15
The Getaway: Black Monday Ben Mitchell
Sam Thompson

Main Protagonists[]

The Getaway[]

Mark Hammond
Mark Hammond is the main protagonist of The Getaway. He is an anti-hero. A former gangster and member of the Collins gang, Mark got in trouble and ended up going to prison for five years. Only months after his release, an old enemy of his, Charlie Jolson, leader of the Bethnal Green Mob, arranges for his family to be kidnapped. When the kidnapping goes wrong, Mark's wife ends up dead and his son in Charlie's hands. Mark is forced into doing jobs all across London for Charlie, otherwise Charlie will kill Mark's son. Mark is forced to kill his old gang partners as well as attack the Triads and Yardies. He burns down a bar, steals a statue, breaks Charlie's nephew, Jake Jolson, out of prison, drops a dead Triad off in Triad territory, gets involved in a gang war between the Yardies and Triads, infiltrates a police station to kill a corrupt cop, Clive McCormack, collects a stripper from a Collins gang club and steals some drug money from the Yardies. After completing Charlie's errands, Mark realises he's never going to be given back his son. With help from a former hitwoman of Charlie's called Yasmin, he turns on Charlie. However, he is captured and taken to a locked cell in Charlie's warehouse, where Charlie reveals his plan to eliminate all the gangs in the city. Thanks to Frank Carter, Mark and Yasmin are sprung free and attack Charlie's mansion to rescue Mark's son. They are too late however and have to quickly get to the Sol Vita, an old cargo ship by the river, where Charlie is planning to finish the other gang leaders. When Mark arrives, he kills his archenemy, Harry, and confronts Charlie and the other gang leaders in a cargo hold. Mark explains his story and how he was forced to attack each gang and do Charlie's jobs or else his son would die. The gang leaders agree to let Mark, his son and Yasmin go. The three of them walk off the ship together and get off just before it explodes.

Missions Played as: The Frightener, Burning Bridges, Art Appreciation, Aiding and Abetting, Taxi for Mr Chai?, Out of the Frying Pan, Filthy BusinessA Touch of ClassThe Cowgirl and the Cash, A Cat in a Bag, The Prodigal Son, Aboard the Sol Vita

Other Missions seen in: Escort Duty, Meet Mark Hammond, Showdown with JakeLand of Hope and Glory

The Getaway: Black Monday[]

Eddie O'Connor
Eddie O'Connor is the main protagonist of The Getaway: Black Monday. He is an anti-hero. A boxer and minor criminal, Eddie is most loyal to his gym and trainer, Danny West. When Danny gets into money problems, he arranges a heist at the Skobel Bank in order to pay off his debt. He hires a crew and Eddie is assigned as security. The heist goes horribly wrong when they realise they have stolen from a powerful gangster, Viktor Skobel. Most of the crew are killed and only Eddie and the hacker of the crew, Sam Thompson survive. To begin with, Eddie is captured by the Thieves in Law and tortured for information about a stolen icon. He gives them nothing and is then set free by Sam, who breaks in to find him. They leave together, only to discover the entire crew has been killed under orders by Viktor, who also personally murdered Danny. Eddie finds the icon and then goes on a mission to avenge Danny's murder. He first beleives Jimmer Collins, the man who Danny was in debt with is responsible. He tracks Collins down only to discover he has been murdered by the Thieves in Law and that Viktor was the real killer. Eddie tracks Viktor down, killing off his loyal men in the process and eventually confronts Viktor in a final shootout where Eddie kills him and avenges his friends murder.

Missions Played as: Monday, The Rescue, Cons and Icons, Return to the Scene of the Crime, Trespass, This Geezer, Hector, Jimmer Collins, Your Man with the Tattoo, The Vor, Beginning of the End, The Fall of an Icon

Other Missions seen in: Shoreditch Boys, The Latvian Cowboy, The Wake of the Shoreditch Massacre

Secondary Protagonists[]

The Getaway[]

Frank Carter
Frank Carter is the secondary proatgonist of The Getaway. He is an undercover cop and DC who is determined to arrest Charlie Jolson. He and his partner, Joe Fielding, arrest Charlie's nephew, Jake Jolson at an old basement and take him into custody. Afterwards, Frank attends to various crime scenes including an illegal shipment for the Yardies, the aftermath of the burning bar in Soho and a gang war in Chinatown. He is then ordered by his corrupt boss, Clive McCormack, to assist in the prison escort for Jake Jolson. It goes horribly wrong and Jake is sprung free. Because of this, McCormack suspends Frank and he is forced to leave and act as a vigilante. Frank then rescues two rookies from a Yardie crackhouse and investigates McCormack. He discovers he's corrupt and been working for Charlie the whole time. He rushes to rescue his partner from an assassination attempt ordered by McCormack. He rescues his partner only to discover McCormack has already been killed under orders by Charlie. Frank then goes on a hunt to capture Charlie and finds himself in Charlie's warehouse, overhearing Charlie's plan. He teams up with Mark Hammond and Yasmin in order to stop Charlie and releases them from the locked cell. Frank goes after his archenemy, Jake Jolson, and follows him to the Sol Vita. The two of them shoot it out with Frank eventually killing Jake. He joins Mark in the cargo hold where the other gangs agree to let Mark go but order Frank to stay behind as they all dislike him. When Charlie goes mad and procudes the detonator for the bomb, Frank uses the opportunity and chaos to escape. He dives off the boat with seconds to spare as it explodes behind him.

Missions Played as: The Bargain Basement, Show some Remorse, Disturbance in Soho, Painting the Town Red, Escort Duty, The Vigilante, Stalking McCormack, Do the World a Favour, The Jolson Files, Meet Mark Hammond, Showdown with Jake, Land of Hope and Glory

Other Missions seen in: Aiding and Abetting, The Prodigal Son, Aboard the Sol Vita

The Getaway: Black Monday[]

Ben Mitchell
Ben Mitchell is a secondary protagonist of The Getaway: Black Monday. A police officer and sergeant of an SO19 armed police unit, Mitch got in trouble in his past for killing an armed teenager who hadn't fired his gun before Mitch shot him in the back. Because of this, Mitch isn't trusted by the rest of his team. He starts off by clearing out a block of flats run by members of the Collins gang to distribute drugs. Because of this, he is called in with his team to the aftermath of a massacre at Shoreditch Boys boxing gym, where members of the gang have been killed along with the gym owner, Danny West. Mitch and his boss, Munroe, then find out who was responsible and begin to track the gang, known as the Thieves in Law, down. Mitch rescues a journalist investigating the gang called Jackie Philips multiple times. They discover the gang is making an arms deal with another gang, the Yardies and thanks to an earlier arrest, they arrive at the scene of the arms deal. Before this however, Jackie Philips is kidnapped by the gang again and Munroe is killed in the process. At the scene of the arms deal, Mitch spots Eddie who is in the process of trying to kill Viktor Skobel, the gang leader. Mitch follows after Eddie and eventually confronts him just before Eddie is about to stop Viktor in the finale. Depending on whether Eddie saved Jackie or not, Mitch will either help Eddie kill Viktor, or will try to stop Eddie and in the process be killed. If he helps Eddie, Mitch agrees to let Eddie go after Viktor is killed. If not, his dead body is discovered by his team and Eddie escapes anyway.

Missions Played as: Tuesday, Shoreditch Boys, The Latvian Cowboy, Finding Miss Philips, Hot Property, Under Ground Activity, The Jamaican, Desperate Measures

Other Missions seen in: Monday, The Wake of the Shoreditch Massacre, This Geezer, Hector, Your Man with the Tattoo, The Vor, Beginning of the End, The Fall of an Icon (killed if Eddie let Jackie die)

Sam Thompson
Sam Thompson is a secondary protagonist of The Getaway: Black Monday. A nineteen year old computer hacker and minor criminal, Sam is hired by Danny West to be a part of a crew that is going to rob a bank. Sam deactivates alarms and opens doors within the bank using her hacking skills, allowing Eddie and the others to get the stolen icon. When the heist goes wrong, Sam manages to escape but Eddie is captured. She follows after Eddie, hoping to get back her laptop which she needs for everything. She rescues Eddie and asks him to help her get her laptop back. However, because Danny has been murdered, Eddie isn't so interested. Her fate is decided by Eddie's decision. If Eddie decides to help Sam, she is taken back to the bank by him and he helps her break through the first blockade. Eddie then goes on his hunt for vengeance while Sam sneaks through the bank and eventually gets back her laptop. Once she has it back, she overhears Viktor's right-hand man, Alexei, speak to him over the phone. Sam realises Eddie is in trouble and decides to help him out. She sneaks into Alexei's car and arrives at a boat. She disables the boats controls and gives Eddie a gun so he can kill Viktor. Eddie tells her to wait behind and says goodbye. After Viktor's death, Sam is then comforted by police officers on the scene. If Eddie doesn't help her, Sam drives to the bank solo, sneaks past the blockade and finds her laptop. During the phone call between Alexei and Viktor, Sam tries to sneak out but is captured and taken prisoner by Alexei. After Eddie kills Alexei, Viktor then holds a badly beaten Sam as hostage. During a confrontation, Sam is taken away by Viktor who then kills her by throwing her off a railing to her death. Eddie then avenges her murder and escapes, looking down at her dead body in regret for not helping her.

Missions Played as: The Wake of the Shoreditch Massacre, Return to the Scene of the Crime, Trespass, Codes of Honour, Paying Favours

Other Missions seen in: MondayThe Rescue, Cons and Icons, This Geezer, Hector, The Fall of an Icon (killed if Eddie did not help her)