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Reggie, also referred to as Reggie the pub landlord, is a character in The Getaway series who acts as a minor antagonist in The Getaway.

Early Life[]

Not much is known about Reggie's early life. It's believed he was born in London in the 1940's and became friends with Charlie Jolson at a young age. At some point he became a pub landlord based in Whitehall.


Reggie was the owner and bartender of The Spotted Dog Pub in Whitehall. He was friends with Charlie Jolson, and allowed Charlie and members of the Bethnal Green Mob to drink inside his pub. As such, he became an associate of the gang who was loyal to Charlie.

Charlie instructed Mark Hammond over the phone to bring him the terra cotta soldier statue from the Reptilian Gallery. The meeting place was at Reggie's pub in Whitehall where Mark would hand the statue over to Charlie. Charlie arrived first with Harry, Grievous and Big Walter. The four of them settled down to some drinks provided by Reggie and awaited for Mark's arrival. When Mark arrived, he was not happy with Charlie and demanded he hand him over Alex in exchange for the statue. After Charlie refused, Mark drew his gun and pointed it at Charlie. Charlie warned Mark not to mess around.

Reggie then stepped in and showed his loyalty to Charlie when he knocked out Mark with a glass bottle from behind the bar. Mark did not see the attack and dropped to the floor. He was then repeatedly kicked by Harry for showing disrespect to Charlie. After hitting Mark with a bottle, Reggie walked off and disappeared to somewhere in his pub, leaving the Bethnal to deal with Mark. This happens in the opening cutscene of the mission, Aiding and Abetting.

Afterwards, Charlie, Harry, Big Walter and Grievous all left. Mark was left on the floor of the pub and exchanged a phone call with Liam Spencer, before getting off the floor and heading outside to join Eyebrows in the breakout of Jake Jolson.


It is unknown what happened to Reggie after the events of The Getaway. After Mark left the pub, no one returns and Reggie is not seen or mentioned again. Seen as Reggie wasn't directly related to the gang, it is likely he just carried on with business as usual.

Mission Appearances[]


  • Reggie has no dialogue in the game.
  • After the defeat of the Bethnal Green Mob, it is possible Reggie was arrested for his involvement with the gang. If not, then he would have presumably continued running his pub.