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The Reptilian Gallery entrance.

The Reptilian Gallery, is a Chinese art gallery located in Hyde Park, and it is owned by Shan Chu Lee and the Triads. The only time the gallery is ever seen in The Getaway, is in Mission 3, Art Appreciation. Mark Hammond is instructed by Charlie Jolson to pay this gallery a visit and crash the Triads party. In the gallery basement, there is an expensive statue, which is an ornament for the garden, called a terra cotta soldier. The statue isn't big, but it is fragile, and has a stupid grin. It's also an historical heirloom which contains a kilo of smack. The 14K Triads move smack from the gallery basement, and Charlie wants Mark to go in through the front door of the gallery and retrieve him the statue. Mark reluctantly obeys this job and heads on over to the gallery. The gallery is having an expedition on, so there are innocent people walking around looking at all the paintings and sculptures on display at the gallery. Mark kills all of the Triads at the gallery as well as damaging some of the priceless statues on display. While this happens the art crowd escape and Mark steals the statue. Mark then makes a getaway in a stolen car with the Triads chasing after him.

The statue located in the gallery basement.

Shan Chu Lee, Fu Shan Chu andKum Dong watch Mark escape and think he is still a member of the Collins gang, who they blame for the loss of men and the stolen statue. After this mission, the gallery is never seen or mentioned again. Due to the Triads being deceased at the end of The Getaway, it is likely that the Reptilian Gallery was bought by a new owner. In The Getaway: Black Monday, you are able to access the area where the Reptilian Gallery is and look around the grounds, but you can't get inside. In The Getaway, Free Roaming mode, you are able to visit the gallery and walk around the outside of it, but are unable to actually enter it. Just around the corner from this gallery is a secret car house, which contains a number of rare and fast cars that can be driven in Free Roaming mode only.

Mission Appearances[]