Ricky hards

Ricky Hards

Ricky Hards (born December 13, 1963) is an English actor and model who played and voiced Charlie Jolson in The Getaway. Other than The Getaway he has appeared in several British television shows, such as Lock, Stock... and Casualty. He also starred alongside Joe Rice in the short film, High Infidelity.


  • Ricky Hards Charlie Jolson prosthetics

    Hards in full make up as Charlie Jolson

    In a behind the scenes video of The Getaway, Ricky reveals that he was too young to play the role of Charlie Jolson, so the art department constructed an older looking face, based on his own, that he would wear to make himself look older.
    • This is similar to Marlon Brando wearing extensive make-up to look older for his role as Vito Corleone in The Godfather.

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