"Arresting you is not an option! Do you hear me?"
Ben Mitchell to the Russian Youth
The Russian Youth is a character in The Getaway series who acts as a minor antagonist in The Getaway: Black Monday.

He was a member of the Thieves in Law and worked for Viktor Skobel.


The Russian Youth was ordered by Viktor to assist in the kidnapping of Jackie Philips from the safe house. The youth and other gangsters arrived at the safe house and killed the guards. Jackie was then taken away and the youth remained behind. When Munroe and Ben Mitchell arrived at the safe house, Munroe went ahead and entered Jackie's apartment first. He confronted the youth and the two pointed their guns at each other. The youth then shot Munroe in the leg and made a quick getaway. Mitch entered the room moments later and an injured Munroe ordered him to give chase. Mitch exited the room when suddenly a following explosion took place which killed Munroe. Mitch chased the youth across the rooftops and took other gangsters out. Eventually, Mitch tracked him down to a nearby hotel.


The youth approached the end of a hallway within the hotel and Mitch appeared behind him. The youth pointed his own gun at his chin and pulled the trigger, killing himself instantly. Evans then arrived seconds later and told Mitch about the death of Munroe. After Mitch calmed down, the two of them left the hallway, leaving behind the dead body of the Russian youth.

Mission AppearancesEdit


  • He presumably killed himself because he would have rather died than tell the police anything about Viktor and the gang.
  • It is never revealed what his real name is.
  • He must have been a fairly high ranked member in the gang, because other members of the gang were protecting him as he ran away.
  • He didn't actually kill Munroe, he only injured him. The following explosion as Mitch leaves the room is what kills Munroe.
  • As you go in the hotel, you can still see his blood on the frame as you go in.
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