"Sick fuckin' bastards! They could tell we knew nothing. And they enjoyed it. They got a kick out of torturing him."
Ryan is a character in The Getaway series who acts as a minor character in The Getaway

Ryan is a new DC working at Snow Hill Police Station.


Ryan is ordered by his superior Clive McCormack to case a crackhouse owned by the Yardies in Mission 18, The VigilanteFrank Carter is told by a policewoman that he may be in trouble as he isn't answering his radio. Frank goes to the crackhouse and kills all of the Yardies before finding Ryan on the top floor. He has been badly tortured but is alive and explains to Frank that it was McCormack that told them to do this to try and uncover a link between the Yardies and Triads. Frank helps Ryan to his feet and gets him up. He then says he is going to have a word with McCormack. At the start of Mission 19, Stalking McCormack, Frank escorts Ryan and his partner Harris safely out of the building. Once the Yardies are all taken care of, Frank leaves them in safe hands with backup police units and goes after McCormack. Ryan is in bad shape but manages to survive.

Mission AppearancesEdit


  • McCormack will sometimes ask other police officers in Snow Hill if they have heard anything from Ryan or Harris in Mission 7, Filthy Business, when playing as Mark Hammond. They tell McCormack that they haven't heard anything from them and say that they should have called in by now. This is strange, given that the events of this mission, chronologically take place quite a while after Frank has saved them. After Frank has saved them, he follows McCormack from Snow Hill all the way to Charlie's Depot. McCormack spends a while in the depot and then returns to Snow Hill where Mark is waiting for him. In this amount of time, the police should have heard from Ryan and Harris, given that a good amount of time has passed.
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