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The SO19, Central Operations Specialist Firearms Command, (now known as CO19) is a special police force based in the United Kingdom. They are basically police officer's equipped with body armour and machine guns who are called during an emergency situation, usually involving suspects who are armed. In America, SO19 is the equivalent of S.W.A.T.

The Getaway[]

In The Getaway, SO19 units are seen in the Snow Hill Police Station. They have body armour and hold MP5's.

Frank Carter works for them by responding to their emergency calls in the missions: Disturbance in Soho and Painting the Town Red. They also assist Frank in the missions: The Bargain Basement and Show some Remorse. Despite this, they seem to dislike Frank and tell him to get out of the way and leave it to the experts. Frank laughs at them saying if he left it to the 'experts' then they would all be dead. They also attempt to kill Mark Hammond when he attacks Snow Hill during the mission: Filthy Business, when he kills Clive McCormack. Other than the missions listed, they do not appear any other time.

The Getaway: Black Monday[]

In The Getaway: Black Monday, Inspector Munroe is the head of an SO19 Unit based in a new police station in London. Other members of the unit include:

After Munroe is killed, it is likely that Mitch would have taken over the unit if he survives the outcome of the game. If Mitch dies, then Evans would have most likely become the new head of the unit.