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Outside of the Safe House.

The Safe House is a government property near Regent's Park and is used as a hideout for Jackie Philips when she is hiding from the Thieves in Law. Munroe wishes to keep Jackie in hiding because he fears the Russians will be after her. During the mission, Hot Property, a police escort drives Jackie over to the safe house, but it is ambushed by the Russians. The gang members kidnap Jackie, put her in the back of a black Skobel van and drive off. The other police officer's are killed and it is up to Ben Mitchell to save her. Mitch eventually rescues Jackie and drives her over to the safe house himself. Jackie gets a change of clothes in the apartment and it is in here that she tells the police all about the Thieves in Law. This takes place during the mission, Under Ground Activity. At the start of this mission, Mitch, Munroe and Evans leave the safe house and drive over to the tube station to stop a deal from taking place between Yardies and Russians. The safe house is last seen during the mission, Desperate Measures. Jackie knows the Russians are onto her and Mitch and Munroe rush over there to save her. When they arrive they find Jackie gone and dead police officer's all over the place. Munroe is then shot by a Russian Youth who is a high ranking member of the gang. Mitch chases after him across the rooftops but an explosion occurs in the apartment behind him as he leaves killing Munroe. Mitch continues chasing the suspect and eventually catches up with him at a nearby hotel, only to witness the Russian kill himself with his own gun. The safe house it not seen again after these events.

Mission Appearences[]


  • In Free Roaming mode, you can go inside the safe house, but not in Jackie's actual room itself.
  • The police officer assigned to protect Jackie is killed and found by Mitch when he enters the safe house. His dead body can still be found in Free Roaming, lying in the same place he died in.
  • Munroe is killed inside the safe house.
  • If you go to the bottom of some steps outside the safe house, you will enter a small park with some trees in it. It is possible to hear the sound of birds tweeting when in this park.