A real life sawn-off.

A very rare and powerful gun which can only be found in Mission 12, Aboard the Sol Vita. The gun is used by Harry, and it will shoot 2 rounds before needing to be reloaded again (althrought sometimes it will shoot about 5/6 times before needing to be reloaded). If you're quick enough, you can kill Harry and still be able pick up this gun. However, you will only be able to fire a few shots from it before the mission ends.


  • In The Frightener, Eyebrows uses a blunt object which resembles a sawed-off shotgun to knock out Mark Hammond. If this was a sawed-off shotgun, it is possible that it is the same one that Harry uses.
  • In the mission Meet Mark Hammond, Whilst sneaking into Charlie's warehouse, several gang members can be heard talking about how the sawn off is Harry's trademark.
  • In the promotional material, and poster, Jake Jolson is actually the one most associated with the sawn off, though he never uses it in game.
  • In reality, Sawn off Shotguns are incredibly inaccurate, and not recommended for shooting at targets at long range.
  • Early artwork depicted Charlie Jolson wielding a sawn off shotgun, even though Charlie is always unarmed throughout the entire game.
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