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The Scrapyard.

The Scrapyard, also known as Stratov Metal Company, is an interior located in the South of London in Lambeth, that is owned and used by Levi Stratov, a member of the Thieves in Law. The scrapyard is first mentioned in the mission, The Latvian Cowboy. Munroe gets a phone call from Finch, the surveillance specialist who informs him that Levi Stratov has just entered the scrapyard off Lambeth Road. Munroe then decides to send Ben Mitchell and Stoppard down to investigate. He informs Mitch they've been following him for some time because they believe he'll lead them to something big. Munroe describes Levi as a "Latvian Cowboy", and explains that him and his crew steal expensive cars, re-spray and private plate them and then ship them out to Eastern Europe. Mitch and Stoppard head on down to Lambeth and are accompanied by backup SO19 officers when they learn that a lot of Levi's men are at the scrapyard. When they arrive, Mitch and his team are attacked and a big shootout erupts. Mitch instructs Stoppard to wait by the entrance and keep an eye out while he goes in and brings in Levi alive, as Munroe instructed. Mitch battles his way through the scrapyard killing lots of gangsters. He passes old train carriages, broken cars and other junk parts in the process. Explosives barrels are also positioned all around which Mitch shoots to kill some of the gangsters. Eventually, Mitch confronts Levi near a crane by a pile of junk and manages to arrest him. Levi screams as Mitch reads him his rights when suddenly an old car falls down from above. Mitch grabs Levi and the two of them roll over to the side avoiding the vehicle. Levi asks if Mitch is going to kiss him or arrest him. Mitch then takes him away back to the police station. This happens at the start of the following mission, Finding Miss Philips.

It's unclear what happens to the scrapyard after these events as it is not seen again but presumably the police would have secured the crime scene and the place would have been sold to a new owner after the end of Levi and the Russians by the end of the events of The Getaway: Black Monday.

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