A real life M3 shotgun.

With pump-action or semi-auto recoil operation, this shotgun takes out multiple enemies at once. Very popular as a police weapon and as a civilian weapon for self defence, the M3 packs massive firepower. The M3 shotgun can be found in both The Getaway and The Getaway: Black Monday. It is a fairly common weapon to find, but not as common as the AK47 or Glock 17. This is your basic shotgun, and it's called the M3. It is very powerful at a close range and is easily a one hit kill. However, it does have a slow fire rate and is not very effective at long range. It also runs out of ammo reasonably quickly, so this gun is pretty useless in a open area with multiple enemies coming at you. It is better when dealing with enemies close up in a crowded small space, such as a small warehouse. When Mark encouters the shotgun he will pick it up, but if he walks into an AK47, he will always pick the AK over the shotgun.

A good tactic with the shotgun is to drop it when an enemy is at a fair distance away from you and take out the Glock 17. The enemy can be killed with the Glock from a far distance and then the player can pick up the shotgun again to deal with enemies close up. If an enemy shoots at you with a shotgun from close range, chances are you will die in one hit, if you're lucky then maybe two.

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