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"Oh, come on, Danny! She's staying!"

Sleeves is a character in The Getaway series who acts as a minor character in The Getaway: Black Monday.

Sleeves was a young kid who hung out at the Shoreditch Boys Boxing Gym. He is nine years old (Born in 1995) and has a good relationship with Danny West, Eddie O'Connor and Errol.


At the start of Eddie's story, Sleeves can be seen watching a friendly fight between Eddie and Errol. He cheers at them both and enjoys the match between them. When Danny begins to explain about the bank job at the Skobel bank, he asks Sleeves to leave. Sleeves is unhappy by this and doesn't understand why he should have to go and Sam should be allowed to say. Sam claims she is easily twice his age to which Sleeves doesn't believe. She is in fact just over double his age however. Sleeves' mum also has an involvement in the bank job as she makes the bank guard uniforms for Eddie and Errol. The following day, he returns to Danny's gym and hangs out alone with Danny.


Later on when Eddie returns to the gym in search of Danny, Sam sneaks into the gym and discovers the dead body of Sleeves in one of the lockers.

He was most likely killed by Viktor Skobel or a member of his gang. When Eddie learns that both Sleeves and Danny have been killed, he goes crazy and swears to kill the people responsible. Ultimately, Eddie avenges Sleeves death by killing Viktor Skobel and his gang in the games' finale.

Mission Appearances[]


  • When playing as Mitch, during the mission, Shoreditch Boys, Mitch will pass a closed locker with blood sprayed all over it. Inside this locker is the dead body of Sleeves, but his dead body is not actually seen in this mission so it does not count as a mission appearance.
  • Sleeves' actor, Loick Essien, played Sleeves when he was 14 years old.