Sleeves' Mum is a character in The Getaway series who acts as a minor unseen character in The Getaway: Black Monday.

She was the mother of Sleeves, a young boy who would often hang out with Danny West, Eddie O'Connor and Errol at Danny's gym, Shoreditch Boys.


She was asked by Danny to help out with the bank job at the Skobel bank. She made the bank guard uniforms for Eddie and Errol which Danny mentioned to the team, claiming they would fit like a glove. She is never seen in the game, but would receive some bad news by the police that her son had been killed at Danny's gym in a violent shootout between two gangs. Before Eddie learns of Sleeves death, he asks Sam Thompson if Sleeves was in there, claiming that if his mum found out she would be angry with him for getting into trouble with the police.

Ultimately, Eddie avenges her son's death by killing the men that were responsible for his murder.

Mission ApperancesEdit

Sleeves' mum is never actually seen but she is mentioned only twice during the game in the above missions.


  • Sleeves' mum is never seen or heard in the game.
  • Sleeves' mum made the bank guard uniforms for Eddie and Errol.
  • It's unclear exactly how much she knew about the bank job, but given that she made the security guard uniforms she must have had some idea of what was going on and would presumably need to have seen the original uniform to make an exact copy. This therefore suggests that she was good friends with Danny and was trusted not to tell anyone about the job. It is likely that Sleeves knew Danny through his mum and they probably lived near the gym which is how they became friends and got to know each other.
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