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"Yes sir, sorry gov!"

Smithers is a character in The Getaway series who acts as a minor character in The Getaway.


Smithers was a police officer based at Snow Hill Police Station. He was tasked with bringing in and arresting Yasmin after she tried to assassinate Clive McCormack and failed. Smithers succeeded and had her placed in interrogation downstairs, where McCormack questioned her.

Unbeknownst to both him and McCormack, Mark Hammond had meanwhile infiltrated Snow Hill, disguised as a telephone repairman. After Mark made his way to the second floor and stole a pistol from the evidence room, he came across Smithers and McCormack in the hallway, who were in conversation. McCormack requested to have a word with Smithers.


Smithers fate is up to the player. Ultimately he can be killed as soon as Mark encounters both him and McCormack. This happens just after leaving the evidence room with the pistol. Shooting Smithers here and killing him will result in McCormack fleeing and other officers trying to kill Mark.

If Mark chooses a more stealthy approach, he can follow McCormack from a distance, who will be followed by Smithers. After walking around the second floor, McCormack grows tied of Smithers following him and calls him a brown nosed prick. He then orders him to get on with some work while he interrogates Yasmin downstairs. Smithers apologises and McCormack leaves him in the computer room. Smithers then stands guard.

Mark can choose to spare Smithers and slip past behind him undetected. He will then just carry on following McCormack who will head downstairs.

Smithers can also be killed here however without drawing unwanted attention. He can either be pistol whipped or shot at and will die fairly easily, but this will alert other officers. He can also be grabbed from behind and his neck can be snapped by Mark which will kill him silently. He will then drop his pistol which can be looted, so Mark will now have two pistols instead of one, making it slightly easier to kill McCormack. In addition, no other officers will be alerted, meaning Mark can carry on following McCormack in a stealthy manner.

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