The Snooker Hall.

The Snooker Hall is a club and pub located in Southwark. It is owned by John. After the heist at the Skobel Bank, John made off with the icon and returned to his snooker hall where he hid it. However, Eddie O'Connor and Arthur were captured by Alexei and tortured for information. Arthur gave up John's name and was then killed. Alexei and his men then headed over to the snooker hall to find the icon. While this was happening, Sam Thompson arrived at the construction site where Eddie was being tortured and rescued him. The two of them then headed over to the snooker hall to get the icon off John. On arrival, they witness Alexei leaving and suspect something bad has happened. Eddie locks Sam in the car and goes inside to get the icon alone much to her anger. When Eddie goes inside, he learns that the place has been completely trashed and it resembles the scene of a horror movie. The phone has been broken and everyone inside the club has been killed by the gangsters. A total of five people have been killed inside the bar, most of whom were shot but one was strangled to death. Eddie makes his way through finding the dead bodies but he finds no gangsters. He heads upstairs and discovers a dead John, having been tortured to death by Alexei, lying on a snooker table. Suddenly he is attacked by gangsters and his gun forced to the floor. Eddie battles his way out of the room, retrieves his weapons and then shoots his way through the club, taking cover behind the snooker tables positioned in each room. He believes John would store the icon in his cellar, so Eddie heads behind the bar and descends into the cellar where he kills more gangsters, but finds the icon. Eddie then leaves having killed the gangsters and drives off with Sam to the Shoreditch Boys Boxing Gym to meet with Danny and explain what has happened.

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  • The entire setting of the snooker hall resembles a horror movie and is designed to make you jump at each event that happens. All the deaths of the people inside the hall, the falling objects and the spooky music create this effect.
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