The TVR Cerbera is a car that appears in The Getaway and The Getaway: Black Monday.

The car in-game.

This car is often seen in cutscenes for missions. Liam Spencer also drives this car throughout the game.

You can find this car in two story missions, and it is parked outside a mansion in Hyde Park in Free Roam mode. Unfortunately, this vehicle has poor handling and it only takes a couple of fast hits for it to burst into flames. It can spin out of control very easily. It's a very weak car, and because it's very fast as well, it will probably only last a minute, maybe less.

This car has 4 locations in missions, and only one in free roam.

In The Getaway: Black Monday, the TVR Cerbera is rarely found in trafic, but its most common point is in and around the Palace of Westminster. It is also available as a selectable vehicle in the mission, Your Man with the Tattoo. The vehicle comes in three colors; mate black, metallic black and light blue.


  • At a mansion in Hyde Park, along with 3 other vehicles in free roam mode.
  • At a Texaco petrol station in mission 8, near the starting point of the level.
  • In the garage in Charlie Jolson's mansion in mission 12.
  • Between a couple of lorrys next to the exit and starting point in mission 15.
  • In a part of the garage along with a Lotus in mission 21. An alley is near the starting point that leads to the TVR.


  • This is the only TVR that appears in The Getaway.
  • This vehicle makes an appearence in Gangs of London but only shows in one of the cutscenes.