"Don't make me shoot you man. I'll do it!"
The Teenager, referred to as "the kid", is a character in The Getaway series who acts as a minor character in The Getaway: Black Monday.

He was a young boy who was confronted by Ben Mitchell in 2003, who was then shot and killed by him.


One day in 2003, the teenager was in possession of a gun and had just committed some sort of crime. Somewhere in London, Mitch chased after the teenager alone, who was still holding the weapon. Mitchell chased the teenager across a bridge and ordered him to drop the gun. The teenager pointed his gun at Mitch and threatened to shoot him if he didn't back off. Mitch shouted at him one last time to put the weapon down but the teenager refused to comply.


The teenager then tried to run away, but was shot in the back by Mitchell with a single shot. He died of his gunshot wound and his death caused a lot of trouble for Mitchell.


After his death, Mitchell was suspended from the Metropolitan Police Force and was to face a hearing. Mitchell attended his hearing where journalist Jackie Philips was present. He was cleared at his hearing, and allowed to return to work a year later, but the memory of the shooting still haunted him.

Mitch was assigned to a new SO19 unit, where he worked for Munroe and alongside Paul Evans, Jack Harvey, Stoppard and Finch. Although Mitch was back at work, to begin with his colleagues gave him a rough time for it. Evans berated him for it, as well as Stoppard who was concerned about him. Munroe was also slightly suspicious and concerned about Mitch, but Harvey and Finch didn't seem to be too bothered. Eventually however, the team dismissed and forgot about the shooting as Mitch earned their respect.

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  • It is never revealed what his name was.
  • Paul Evans, a colleague of Ben Mitchell, suggested that the gun used by the teenager was a fake one.
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