The Telephone Repairman is a character in The Getaway series who acts as a minor character in The Getaway.

2002 Edit

The repairman worked for BT and was called out by the police at Snow Hill Police Station to fix some faulty phones. During Mission 7, Filthy Business, Mark Hammond is given a BT van and a uniform by Charlie Jolson so he can sneak into the Station and kill Clive McCormack, the corrupt head of the Flying Squad based at the station. Mark is then instructed by Harry to stop the real telephone repairman from getting to the Station before he does.

Mark drives to Oxford Street to stop the repairman and then rams his van off the road. The repairman fails to make it to the Police Station but whether he lives or dies is up to Mark.

Fate Edit

The player can either choose to kill him or let him live. It will have no effect on the mission or the rest of the game as to what you choose to do to him. Because Mark puts his gun away when he gets hold of the van, he is unable to shoot the repairman or steal his van while the man is still inside the vehicle. The only way Mark can do this is by ramming the van off of the road, forcing the driver to get out. Mark can then either run him over or grab hold of him and break his neck, either way will kill him. Alternatively he can just be left alive, and he will run around on foot after exiting the damaged van.

Mission AppearancesEdit

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