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The Jolson Files
Game: The Getaway
Character: Frank Carter
Given by: Frank Carter
Location: Charlie's Warehouse
Rewards: None
Difficulty: Normal
Mission: 21
Unlocked by: Unlocks:
Do the World a Favour Meet Mark Hammond
"He's like a fuckin' spider. He's all over London."
Frank Carter

The Jolson Files is the twenty-first mission in The Getaway. It is an independent mission for protagonist Frank Carter.


Frank pushes the dead body of a Bethnal Green Mob gangster with his foot and spots the files lying on the floor. He begins to go through them and examines each one carefully. All of Charlie's illegal plans are written here including the breakout of Jake Jolson which was planned like a military operation. He also has a list of all his interiors where his illegal activity takes place. Frank swears to put Charlie away and bust every place on the list, starting with a warehouse in Southwark. Frank leaves the lock-up and drives over to the warehouse which isn't far away. He parks outside and sneaks inside the warehouse while avoiding to be seen by the gangsters. Frank listens to what they're saying and hears them talking about the capture of Mark Hammond and Yasmin. They also talk about the Sol Vita and Charlie's final plan to end the other gangs in London. Frank sneaks past members of the gang as he makes his way through the warehouse undetected. He then heads downstairs into the cellar and slowly makes his way through.

Mission Briefing[]


  1. Go to the warehouse.
  2. Sneak into the basement and find Charlie.


At the lock-up, Frank kicks a gun away from a dead guard. He rolls him over with his foot to make sure he's dead, and then crouches down to pick up the dropped files.

Frank: Jesus Christ. Joe was right. It's all here. Jake's bust out! Planned it like a military operation! He's like a fuckin' spider. He's all over London. Finally, Charlie Jolson, finally, I'm gonna put you away! I'm gonna bust every place on this list and I'm gonna start right here. Yeah, looks like some warehouse in Southwark.


Successfully completing this mission unlocks the twenty-second mission in the game, Meet Mark Hammond.


  • A TVR and Lotus can be found inside the lock-up. If you turn right when the mission starts instead of left, and follow the hallway, you will enter a room with these two cars inside.
  • This mission is the best mission to do Free Roaming with as Frank Carter, as there is no time limit and you start off in a safe place with a good selection of cars and no shooting required.
  • This mission is purely stealth based, and requires no shooting at all, unless other gangs try to attack you when you drive to the warehouse.

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