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The Making Of is a Special Feature in The Getaway: Black Monday. It is only available in the NTSC (American) version of the game, and can be unlocked after beating Chapter 22, The Fall of an Icon, and successfully completing the main storyline.


The Making Of is a behind the scenes video that runs for around 11 minutes and 30 seconds. The video features interviews with members of the crew as well as some of the main cast. The interviews are also conducted at the actual locations of some of the places found within the game, such as the scrapyard, the boxing gym, and the pumphouse.

Cast and Crew[]

The video is narrated by English actor Terence Stamp.

The crew featured in the video include: Naresh Hirani, the game director; Ravinder Singh, the lead artist; Peter Edward, the senior producer; Katie Ellwood, the writer and narrative producer; Dave Ranyard, the audio manager; William Burdon, the lead programmer; David Smith, the senior artist; and Chun Wah Kong, the lead designer.

The actors featured in the video include: Dave Legeno as Eddie O'Connor, Bob Cryer as Ben Mitchell, Jane Peachey as Sam Thompson, Robert Jezek as Viktor Skobel, and Jo Lawden as Zara Beauvais.

The Making Of[]

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