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Inside the Touch of Class.

The Touch of Class, also known as "The Toucher" is a bar located in Soho. It is owned by Nick Collins. According to Charlie Jolson The Touch of Class is a "new" bar. Members of the Collins gang are often seen inside the bar. The bar is first seen in Mission 3, Art Appreciation. Liam Spencer is inside the bar having a drink and watching a stripper when he receives a phone call from Mark Hammond, who explains to him what's going on and asks for his help. Later, Mark is instructed by Harry to go to this bar and pick up the cowgirl, Layla, a stripper that works there. This is in Mission 8, A Touch of Class. Mark goes to the bar and kills all the Collins Gang members inside, as well as completly wrecking the inside of it. Layla unfortunately is also killed in the crossfire. It is also seen during the opening cutscene of the following mission, The Cowgirl and the Cash.

Sub-Aqua in The Getaway: Black Monday.

In The Getaway: Black Monday the bar no longer exists and has been replaced by a new bar called "Sub-Aqua".

Mission Appearences[]