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Unlocks, rewards or bonus content, are certain elements within The Getaway and The Getaway: Black Monday that can only be accessed by doing certain things within the game. An unlock is a Special Feature, which is bonus content added to the game that is unrelated to the storyline.

The Getaway[]

There are only two Special Features that can be unlocked in The Getaway:

Credits - Complete Mission 12, Aboard the Sol Vita.

Free Roaming - Beat the game and complete Mission 24, Land of Hope and Glory.

The Getaway: Black Monday[]

There are many Special Features that can be unlocked in The Getaway: Black Monday. There are multiple Special Features including: Race, Black Cab, Chase and Free Roaming. At the start of the game, each of these features are already unlocked, but only two missions are available for Race, Black Cab and Chase. In addition, you will only be able to play as Mitch in Free Roaming. In order to unlock more races, black cab and chase missions as well as extra Free Roaming characters, you must progress through the story and in addition, collect key rings, which are hidden items that can be found during the missions.

Already Unlocked[]

At the start of the game, without having to do anything, the following Special Features are already unlocked:


Principal and 8 Litre.

Black Cab:

Soho and East End and City.


Embankment Hunt and The Arch.

Free Roaming:


Completing Missions[]

Progressing through the storyline and completing the missions will only unlock you extra Free Roaming characters. In order to unlock more races, Black Cab and Chase missions as well as two bonus Free Roaming characters, the player must collect the key rings.

Free Roaming:

Eddie O'Connor - Complete Mission 8, Desperate Measures.

Sam Thompson - Complete Mission 11, Cons and Icons.

Yuri Gorsoy - Complete Mission 17, Jimmer Collins.

Jamahl - Complete Mission 18, Your Man with the Tattoo.

Zara Beauvais - Complete Mission 21, Beginning of the End.

Viktor Skobel - Complete Mission 21, Beginning of the End.

Collecting Key Rings[]

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