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Outside the Yardie Crackhouse.

The Yardie Crackhouse, located on Rivington Street, is the bigger of the two Yardie Crackhouses and is owned by Jamahl and the Yardies. The other smaller Yardie Crackhouse is located on Holywell Street off of Worship. This particular Crackhouse is first seen in Mission 9, The Cowgirl and the Cash. Mark Hammond is ordered by Charlie Jolson to go and pay this Crackhouse a visit and steal Jamahl's cash. Mark does this job, but not for Charlie, for himself, so he can use the money to get Alex and him out of town safely. Mark kills all the Yardies inside the Crackhouse and gets a hold of the money, as seen in the opening cutscene of Mission 10, A Cat in a Bag. It turns out there is 300 grand total, and Mark stashes the cash in the back of a Nissan Skyline parked outside the Crackhouse. He then leaves and tells Liam Spencer to collect the cash for him while Mark goes and deals with the Jolson's at the depot in Kingscross. Jamahl later returns to this Crackhouse, to find his money stolen and all of his men that were there dead. He then gets a call from Charlie, who tells him he has captured Mark Hammond, the man responsible for killing his men and stealing his money, and offers to hand Mark over to him. Jamahl is pleased by this and agrees to meet Charlie at the Sol Vita boat so he can have his revenge. This is seen in the opening cutscene of Mission 11, The Prodigal Son. This is the last time this Crackhouse is seen. Due to Jamahl surviving the events of The Getaway, it is likely that he and his gang returned to this Crackhouse and continued to use it as a hideout. However, although the Crackhouse can be seen in The Getaway: Black Monday and looks the same as it once was, it is never actually mentioned or visited in the storyline of the game.

The Yardie Crackhouse in The Getaway: Black Monday.

In Free Roaming mode in The Getaway, it is possible to go around the back of the Crackhouse but not possible to actually enter it. In Free Roaming mode in The Getaway: Black Monday, it is not possible to even go around the back of it, you can only see it from outside the front of it. A concrete barrier blocks the side entrance preventing you from going round the back of the building.

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