Yardie Depot entrance.

The Yardie Depot is an interior located just east of Tower Bridge in St. Saviour's. It is used by Jamahl and the Yardies for illegal imports of drugs, mostly crack.

During the events of The Getaway, the word on the street is that the Yadies are using the depot to bring in a big consignment of crack. After Jake Jolson's arrest, Clive McCormack questions him at Snow Hill and requests that Jake give up this information, as Charlie had ordered him to do so. Jake eventually tells McCormack about this depot and gives up the location, with them both knowing full well that Frank Carter is listening in on the interview. Frank decides to investigate the depot near St. Saviour's and stop the Yardies. This happens in the mission, Show some Remorse. He drives over to the dockyard and arrives outside the depot. When he arrives, he witnesses the Yardies taking in the shipments and storing them around the depot. Frank shoots at the Yardies who immediately flee around the depot. He dodges crates and other dangerous machinery that is being used to transport the crates, containing the shipments, around the depot. Frank battles his way through taking out the Yardies who are positioned at the depot. Suddenly, SO19 officers arrive and assist Frank in the final shootout where a group of Yardies have positioned themselves. After an intense shootout, the police win and secure the area. Two Yardies that were on duty, Jerome and Tyler, are captured in a van by Frank and then placed under arrest in the back of a police van. The two of them swear and complain at the police arresting them, but they suspect that the Triads were responsible for tipping off the police about the secret depot. Afterwards, Frank attends to another call and the police secure the crime scene. McCormack then illegally takes a hold of the weapons found at the depot and arranges for them to be stored at Charlie's depot. He then aims to sell the Yardies back their own guns for a profit. Charlie dislikes this very much and is ultimately why he later arranges Mark Hammond to take McCormack out.

It's unknown what happens to the depot after the raid, but it is presumably locked down by the police and taken away from the Yardies. It is not seen or mentioned in The Getaway: Black Monday.

Mission AppearencesEdit


  • Upon leaving the depot, a purple TVR can be found hidden behind a truck.
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